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Bridging Disciplines to Better Understand and Treat Tobacco Dependence.

Want to quit?

Read about our ongoing research. This site was created to research  smokers and gamblers, and find out why smoking is so popular for many poker players when gambling . We are taking a transdisciplinary approach that attacks this problem from all angles. To find out more, please read our coming articles.

Gambling and smoking have something in common that you may have never considered before. Both gambling and smoking affect the pleasure centers of the brain and produce endorphins. As with many addictive substances and activities, both smoking and gambling also form synaptic pathways which lead to repetition of the behavior to continually produce the desired feeling. Gambling addiction is not something that should be battled alone. There are several organizations that are available to help combat the impulse to gamble and through their support, the likeliness that a problem gambler will return to previous behavior is significantly lowered.

Quitting gambling and quitting smoking simultaneously can be difficult. Both can be incredibly destructive addictions and trying to quit one at a time still presents difficulties. Many would have difficulty in determining which is better to quit first. Getting help for either addiction is of course, the very first step to take after understanding that you have a problem. Organizations like http://www.smokefree.gov/ are available to help you in quitting smoking. This can be a very difficult addiction to beat and besides moral support, there are also medical treatments and over the counter medications that can assist in tapering off of nicotine.

Gambling is a life long addiction. Once you have recognized that you have a problem, it is time to seek help and stop gambling altogether, here you can find more info about casino gambling. It will be a difficult life long journey, but many problem gamblers have found excellent support and positive results from support sites and groups such as http://www.nova.edu/gsc/gambling.html and http://www.canadadrugrehab.ca/Gambling-Addiction-Treatment.html.

Also it is important if you want to stop gambling, you should not go for vacation to lasvegas or other countries like the UK, where there are a lot of live casino gambling going on.

The new problem is the Internet, it makes it even more easy to gamble 24/7, and that makes it even more easy to get addictive to gambling when playing poker games or casinos online.

Quitting smoking and quitting gambling are both positive steps to a less destructive lifestyle. There will be many road bumps and trials of will, but millions of people have overcome both of these addictions with great success. Start today and you will soon be on the way to a life that is not imprisoning you in addictions.